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Key For Your Security, Independence And Balance

This financial planning guide will help you create a solution based on your capacity, resources, dreams and goals, allowing you to control the risks you take, achieve the independence and balance you want and even a higher standard of living for you and your family. This guide has the following parts, click on the ones you are interested:


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To properly handle your personal finances you should learn about this topic. To do so, just follow these three simple steps:

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3. Read our financial planning articles:

Financial Freedom To know the difference between security and financial freedom, will help you decide which is the most appropriate option for you and your family and what will have the most impact on the balance you want in your life.

Personal Finance Training The basic fundamentals on how to manage your personal finances.

Personal Finance Management Learn in more detail how to conduct a financial assessment, set your goals, discover the risks you might face and how to minimize them.

Business Entrepreneur A broad overview of what being an entrepreneur involves can help you determine if this is what you really want and evaluate the skills you’ll need to develop to succeed.

Make Extra Money The world is full of opportunities to start businesses and earn extra income. Learn what options are available, the pros and the cons which can save you time and money.

Insurance Planning If you know the risks you face, why not let others face them?(In development. Do you want to contribute? Click here and ask how!)

Debt Reduction Let’s face it, we often spend more than we earn. Learn to manage and pay your debts rather than have your debts manage you. (In development. Do you want to contribute? Click here and ask how!)

Investment Planning. It feels good to have money working for you instead of you working for money. (In development. Do you want to contribute? Click here and ask how!)

What's coming...

Retirement Planning Living too long is a risk which is even worse if you outlive your savings.(Soon! Do you want to help develop this section? Click here and ask how!)

Estate Planning. Don't let death or physical incapacity rob you of the ability to control your finances. Here's what to do!(Soon! Do you want to help develop this section? Click here and ask how!)

Tax Planning. Optimize and take advantage of your tax situation.(Soon! Do you want to help develop this section? Click here and ask how!)

Get Help!

Use these resources to efficiently manage your finances:

Personal Finance Help If you don’t have enough time or you can use your time in other activities, seeking counseling in financial planning can be a wise move.

Financial Planning Seminars Share and find seminars, courses, workshops in your area.

Personal Finance Software Reviews Let's discover the pros and cons together!

Personal Finance Tools. In this space you will find some tools and discuss what tools you use.

Get Involved!

There is no better way to learn about financial planning that participating and helping others...

And it is as easy as telling your story and experience to inspire and advise others. Or if you have some knowledge, experience and passion for personal finances you can create a blog on this site, just contact us to learn how.

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