Are Annuities Beneficial for Retirees

Have you ever wondered why people run for pensions after retirement? Do you think that the money the pensioners earn at the end of every month can respond to all their needs and wants? Well, there are hardly chances for it. Rather, if retirees can opt for some long term investment policy, they can assure security and monetary stability for lifetime. So, you can make your plans deviate towards annuities to bring a positive change in your lifestyle.

What�s the Best Time for Buying Annuities

The best time for an individual to purchase an annuity policy is between 50 and 75. Although the retirement age has risen up to 55, some special provisions are still given to people for purchasing annuities at 50. Now, very people buy annuities at 75 which is certainly not a good option. Life after 75 becomes a bit tedious to enjoy the annuity benefits. So, even if you get in touch with a professional annuity provider, he will advise you to buy annuities between 55 and 65.

Buying Factors for Annuities

The amount you earn from your annuity policy at the end of every month depends on several factors like gender, age, health conditions and life expectancy. What�s unique about an annuity policy is that the older you are, the higher you earn. The annuity provider from the insurance company will certainly quote you a big amount if you start accessing the annuity earnings after retirement.

How to Calculate Annuity

All these years you have been doing your mathematical problems with the help of calculators. Now, it�s time for you to calculate your annuity incomes with the help of an annuity calculator. Yes, these are special calculators with which you can calculate the exact payments you earn. Now, it�s you who can decide the time period for the payments. For instance, you can either draw your payments on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

You simply need to provide your personal details along with your location on the calculator. Once done, you will get an approximate amount you can earn from an annuity scheme.

So, you can browse online and look for several websites that offer annuity calculator services free of cost. Make sure you do thorough researches regarding these policies prior to signing the contract with an insurance agent.

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Jul 30, 2015
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by: Daviohr

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Aug 25, 2013
by: Mike @ Annuity Rates

Every retiree has his own savings that they need to turn into a source of income. And annuity is designed exactly to do so. That’s why there is a logical appeal to annuity. But all types of annuity products are not equally fruitful to people of all ages. I think people who are just retired or reaching their retirement may get the maximum benefit from annuity products.

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