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Become an entrepreneur,
make your Business Plan!

If you really want to become an entrepreneur then you'll have to learn how to write a business plan. Let's begin...

A business plan has the purpose to guide your steps while you're creating your business and assure that you have assessed the main and critical angles a business have before to start.

Many people who want to become an entrepreneur think a business plan is just a requirement to access funds from venture capitalists or other funding sources. Indeed it is a requirement but more than that is a tool that should guide the critical decisions an entrepreneur has to take.

Complementary to the general steps to become an entrepreneur we've seen before in this article, learning how to write your business plan undoubtedly is a must and we want to share with you a guide to write business plans which has been developed following the prestigious McKinsey methodology.

This guide will show you how to develop each section of your business plan. Probably you'll have some difficulties developing some sections like the financial plan for instance, but do you remember when we talked about team work? That's your answer if you get stuck anytime.

I've evaluated many business plans and frequently found that entrepreneurs think they can act as a one-man band in their companies because they are smart enough to manage everything. That's false in 99% of the cases, you just can't know everything. Even if somebody can, what is the point to manage everything? You'll need all the day to manage all by yourself and you'd lose the balance in your life.

Therefore is better to begin your business plan as soon as possible because is not an easy task, takes time; you'll need information, resources and a strong commitment. Here's your guide:

tool How to write a business plan guide. To access this tool we encourage you to be part of our community by subscribing to our Financial magazine: Planning a Better Future for free. With your subscription we'll send you the password to access resources and tools on the site. For more details about the additional benefits that you get with your subscription click here.

If you are already a member of our community, you can download the guide by going tyo www.ziddu.com.

If you have any doubt about how to write your business plan, please contact us.

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