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What best small businesses do?

Best small businesses are not significantly different from the big ones. It's all about size. The basic rules are the same. Let's review some of these similarities:

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Best small businesses are well planned

If you had $1.000.000 to invest, how carefully would you choose the enterprise or project that will receive your money? Very carefully right?

Why this should differ in a smaller business? There's no reason to vary the way of thinking. Even more if your own personal funds are at risk.

Economic laws apply for big and small businesses, supply and demand exists no matter how big or small you are. So, you have to consider this in your small business too.

A small business have a lot of work to do too so you'll need a team as in a big business. Maybe the basic team is you and your wife but probably you'll need more help, for instance: for tax and accountancy matters.

Small businesses have a marketing strategy as well as the big players. The difference is the budget to spend in publicity. But unavoidably both have to be well known by their costumers.

The organization is an aspect that small businesses take seriously even when the partners are just two people. It's not only to consider the incorporation's aspects but to consider responsibilities, goals and tasks.

To manage financial aspects is of course a basic task of any company whether is big or small. Therefore, small businesses often hire people to do this job or outsource these services.

Best small businesses look for best practices

A best practice is simply the process to use other companies' ideas and strategies (legally of course) to improve your own business' procedures.

If you want to improve your packing procedure for instance, you should look for other companies inside and outside your industry to learn what they are doing well, learn and apply that knowledge according to your enterprise.

As I said before: the main difference between small and big businesses are just size. The rules are the same.

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