Best Ways to Invest Extra Cash

Invest extra cash rather than placing it in areas that provide no return. Not invested

money has a lower acquisition power over time as inflation increases every year. Set
money to work on its own. Consider three aspects for investing money in regards to
the risk, return, and liquidity. Here are the best ways to invest extra cash.


This is the easiest and most common way to invest. Simply add any extra money
into a bank account. Saving account interests could be as high as 2.5% per year
depending on the bank.


Bonds are venues for public investment of private and public companies. Bonds
are just like lending money to a company. Bonds offer a promise to pay a certain
interest amount once a set period has passed. Make bond investments after knowing
all conditions and market terms.

Time Deposits

Time deposits get higher interests in comparison to a savings account. On the other
hand, money in a time deposit cannot be withdrawn before the accepted time
frame is completed. There are penalty charges for time deposits that are retired
ahead of time. This option is advised only if the invested money could be spared in

Mutual Funds

Financial institutions manage mutual funds in extensive high risk and income
venues for the customer. These institutions obtain a commission based on the fund
earnings with the remainder amount given

to the individual. Mutual funds are able
to provide more interest than a time deposit and savings account. However, mutual
funds can also provide less interest if the investments do not yield enough returns.


Stock trading provides one of the highest interests in the business for those willing
to take higher risks. There are day, short, and long term investors. Long term
investors have usually the lowest earnings, but with less risks. Acquire stocks from
trusted, reputable, and low volatile companies for long term purposes. Remember
to sell high and buy low always. Dividend paying stocks are also an option. Do
extensive research before entering the stock market. There are many tools online
that provide assistance with everything related on stock trading in today’s market.

Foreign Exchange

FOREX (Foreign Exchange) is a great way to invest money by betting on the planet’s
various currencies future weaknesses and strengths. Invest money in dollars or any
other currency wagering on rates to go higher.

Do not overdue investments. Financial markets are volatile at times and money can
be lost if not done correctly. Invest only a portion of the extra cash to avoid losing all
at once. Create a wide investment portfolio to maximize the earning potential.

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