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What it takes to be a business entrepreneur?

Being a business entrepreneur and financial planning maybe doesn't have a direct relationship at first sight but think twice if you want to reach your goals and dreams.

If you have read our sections related to personal finance training (opens a new window) and personal finance management (opens a new window), then you already know that once you have analyzed your financial situation and have established your goals then you probably have realized that if you want to reach your goals as soon as possible you should:

  • Decrease your expenses. This is important and really helps but sometimes isn't enough. Or
  • Increase your income. This is why we will be talking about entrepreneurship in this section.

First we're going to review the definition of entrepreneur and the most common characteristics entrepreneurs have. Click on these links, I'll be waiting...

Ready? Ok, now you'll see the sacrifices you'll probably make being an entrepreneur and the advantages entrepreneurs have. Don't worry, advantages surpass sacrifices but you have to see it for yourself, just click on these articles and learn. I'll be waiting here...

Good! In the next articles you'll learn about the principal role entrepreneurs play, some general steps to become an entrepreneur and I'm going to share with you a guide to build a sound business plan. Don't miss these articles because if you pay attention you could starting your business sooner than you think. Just click and learn. Take your time in this important section, I'll be waiting...

Phew! you are learning a lot right? Now let me ask you something: Do you think entrepreneur courses can really teach you how to become one? Let's talk about it in this article. Next we're going to talk about the importance for you to have an entrepreneur mentor. Click on these articles and let me explain you...

Finally I'd like to share some of my thoughts about entrepreneurs' tips from a venture capitalist's point of view.

Congratulations! you have learned a lot about "business entrepreneur". If you want to learn more you can come back to the home page using the links below and choose another section. See you there!

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