Factors That a Lender Consider When Evaluating Your Mortgage

by Peter Gomes

Top 5 factors considered by mortgage service providers while evaluating the loan are as follows:

1. Liabilities

Borrowers who have more liabilities and limited funds for offsetting generally do not get better financing rates. The overall amount of loan that they can get id limited compared to a borrower who has no liabilities and wishes to benefit from the home loan or secured loan solution on the go.

2. Credit Score

While evaluating a mortgage application, service providers give higher weights to credit scores. Borrowers with better credit scores tend to get competitive landscape of loan solutions to choose from than the others. It is also a good indicator of one’s financial health. Higher the score the better the chances of availing sweeter loan deals all the time. Those with low credit score have minimal chances of getting their loan application approved or in case those are approved the overall financing cost would be higher enough to annoy borrowers. Debtors should ensure to maintain good credit score at all times.

3. Current Assets

Generally, secured loan solutions carry lower financing cost rate than the unsecured solutions. In order to avail secured loan solutions, property has to be pledged against for availing

competitive financing solutions. Borrowers who can pledge the loan against home, luxurious cars or other assets generally get to avail amongst the smarter and competitive landscape of solutions all the time in a seamless manner on the go.

4. Age

Financial service providers might associate weight with age as low or high depending upon their loan underwriting policies. However, as a thumb rule borrowers who are young and have the appropriate financial capacity to offset loan with their income are offered attractive loan solutions in no time. There are specialized solutions for senior citizens too which can be benefitted by them instead of gaining from regular debt solutions.

5. Income Levels

Higher the income level the better it is while one is trying to avail loan for owning home or for other purposes such as debt consolidation. Borrowers with higher income levels are offered better and higher quantum loans by the financial service providers on the go in a seamless manner all the time.


Mortgage solutions can provide ultimate financial advantage to the borrowers. Borrowers should act smart and base up their profile against the lending evaluation factors in order to understand their financial capabilities on the go in a seamless manner.

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