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Financial Planning Advertising
¡Better results at better prices!

The financial planning advertising on our site bring you these benefits:

Benefit # 1

Exposure to thousands of people with a genuine interest in improve their personal finances (potential customers) optimizing this way your advertising campaign's results and saving you a lot of money.

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How can we offer you this? Simply because:

  • Our Google Page Rank is growing.
  • We have many pages with good positions in the main search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask.
  • Our Traffic is growing monthly in an average of 25%.
  • Our site is among the Top 1% according to the Alexa.com Traffic's ranking. Our ranking is this:


What's Alexa's ranking? Is an internet company that measures web site's popularity based on its Traffic (visitors). As in any ranking, the closer to the # 1, the better.

Benefit # 2

Better results of your campaigns because we include few financial planning advertising per page. Therefore your ad has better exposure generating more customers and more income for you.

Benefit # 3

Affordable and competitive prices compared with alternative advertising.

Click here to inquiry about financial planning advertising in our site

Which types of ads can you use?

  1. Text links.
  2. Graphics and Banners. You can use static images or animated GIF files up to 20 Kb.

Our Terms of use are:

  1. For respect to our visitors we disclose which sections on our pages are paid ads.
  2. We code the ads' links to avoid problems with the ranking of our site in the search engines.
  3. We only accept ads related to financial planning, personal finances or businesses.
  4. Not suitable language is unacceptable.
  5. We reserve the right to refuse any ad request.
  6. Prices are subject to change upon renewal.

How can you pay?

moneybookersUpfront payment through Moneybookers.com. This is a global e-payment solution that allows to anyone in the world to send and receive money.

You can use your bank account (available in more than 30 countries) your credit or debit card to pay. Click here to open your FREE account.

Send us your inquiry!

Whether you're interested in our options for financial planning advertising or you have an idea that we didn't thought, use the following form and send us your inquiry. We are always willing to hear proposals!

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