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Defining when to hire a financial planning advisor...

Knowing when to hire a Financial planning advisor, is easier if you've analyzed if you need one.  If you still haven't done that, or if you want to review some part, you can do it by clicking here.

In general, you have three options:

a) If you've discovered that you need professional help and can afford the fees, then now is the best moment to start looking.

b) If you concluded that for the moment you don't need an advisor, then start working on your own plan as soon as possibe.  For example, you could go forward until you have a draft plan which contains:

  • your personal balance sheet,
  • a budget
  • objectives,
  • your risk analysis,
  • a general action plan...

and at this time look for an advisor which can help you analyze your financial situation and establish your action plan.  It's all up to you.

c) On the other hand, if you condluded that it is unlikely that you will need a financial planner, we recommend that you consider getting a second opinion at a convenient time.

asteriskTip: To wrap up here's an important note -- the most appropriate time to seek the help of an advisor is when you no longer feel comfortable doing things yourself, or you start doubting that what you're doing is the best way.

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