How can I find out about junior ISA's

by Chris Wrigley

It’s not always easy teaching children about the value of money and the benefits to be enjoyed by saving, but luckily there are products out there that can help. For example, ISAs have been with us for well over a decade now, but did you know there are also junior ISAs that are designed specifically with under 18s in mind?

The sad fact of the matter is though, that as long as Individual Savings Accounts have been with us, there are still plenty of adults out there who don’t know that they exist – let alone how they could be using them to enjoy tax-free savings. Luckily, there’s a new infographic that might just be able to help that focuses on the junior ISA and how it might be a good idea for educating the next generation of savvy savers.

So if you’re thinking of setting up a junior ISA for your children or grandchildren take a look at the graphic below and see what information you can arm yourself with in advance. You never know, they may just thank you for it when they turn 18 and are buying their first car or heading off to university!

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