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What is the importance of financial planning TO YOU?

¡Share your knowledge and show your Financial IQ!

The importance of financial planning in our lives is more evident nowadays and that is on of the reasons why we created this informative guide.

Now we believe that is time for you to express with your own words what is the importance of financial planning in your life and family. Is money, material posessions, peace, welfare what you're looking for? Click here to express your point of view.

If your story is more specific there are other spaces where you can share your experiences:

  1. Do you know or want to know about financial planning seminars? Click here to share & find!

  2. There's always a story to tell with personal finance lessons to learn. Share to help and inspire others!

  3. Do you use any paid financial software? Tell us what you like or dislike in our personal finance software reviews.

  4. Do you use any free financial software? Tell us what you like or dislike in our FREE personal finance software reviews.

  5. What ways to invest money do you know?, which ones do you use and why?

  6. Do you use any personal finance tools? Tell us which ones!

  7. Do you already thought in retirement, financial planning, or not yet?

  8. What would you do if you were planning an early retirement?

  9. If you had or actually have a lot of debts, which is your freedom debt management plan? Or what you'd do to avoid excessive debt?

  10. What factors have you considered in your life insurance planning?

  11. Have you thought about financial estate planning or not yet?

  12. Do you know how to pay less taxes? Check and contribute to create the best list of tax deductions ever!

As you can see there's a lot to talk about and everybody knows something about something. What matters is to help others because you might need help too.

So I encourage you to share your experiences, demonstrate your financial intelligence and be an active part of this community that is aware of the importance of financial planning to achieve their dreams and goals.

Only for personal finances passionates...

Do you have any knowledge about personal finances (whether academic or learned by experience) that you'd like to share, articles you want to publish and opinions to express?...Yes?

Great!, then click here to request information about how you can have an exclusive page on our site and share your knowledge with thousands of people.

¿Ready to opine? Great, so...

What is the importance of financial planning to you?

Financial planning is important to people for different reasons: either because money gives them a sense of security and power, the things you can do with it, and so on.

Did you ever analyze what really motivates you?

Share your point of view!

What Other Visitors Have Said?

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If you want to you can comment and even rate them if you agree or not with these points of view...

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For me, financial planning is important as it provides meaning in whatever financial decisions I make. Saving for the sake of saving is not enough. Saving …

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Working with the Community 
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Financial planning and my family Not rated yet
Nowadays there's no enough financial education. For me, is difficult to understand how to manage my money, taxes and debts; and these things affect …

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