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Info entrepreneurs:
Base of the information age
Learn how to use your knowledge to take advantage of this trend...

Info entrepreneurs are the base of the 21st century also called the Information Age, and you can take advantage of it using what you already have: knowledge.

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Let's see what Peter Drucker said about this:

"The most important, and indeed the truly unique, contribution of management in the 20th century was the fifty-fold increase in the productivity of the MANUAL WORKER in manufacturing. The most important contribution management needs to make in the 21st century is similarly to increase the productivity of KNOWLEDGE WORK and the KNOWLEDGE WORKER."

Peter F. Drucker, (b. 1909) American Management Consultant
Management Challenges for the 21st Century

Do you need to be an undisputed expert to take advantage of this trend?

I'd say no because knowledge is a wide concept that comprehends: theory, practice and experience. Some people might have the idea that due they don't academic formation nobody will hear what they have to say; that is a huge mistake. Why? Because first hand experience and tips learned from mistakes are sometimes most valuable than just theory.

Certainly there are already recognized experts in any knowledge field and you'll probably have nothing new to share. But don't worry because knowledge is wide enough to have more than one opinion, points of view, real experiences, etc.

And this is how you can participate with your own personal branded knowledge. Just add your angle, a personal spin and you'll set. Therefore, to succeed, your knowledge should be genuine, real and helpful for other people.

What kind of knowledge info entrepreneurs should have?

In short: anything as long as people wants to know about it. The demand and supply law again right? Of course! We're talking about real businesses here not about magic or ultimate formulas to get rich quick.

Whereas you know something about: tires, cakes, civil constructions, etc. There's always people that wants to know something about your subject.

The most easy prove of this concept is that you're reading this article right now. Whereas you want to improve your personal finances or just start a business you're reading this because you want our knowledge about finances and businesses and as we mention in our About Us and You page we have specific and real expertise in this field.

Ok, you have the knowledge, but how you can make a business based on it?

As in any business, you'll have to make a good business plan, analyzing: demand, competition, marketing strategies, etc. etc.

Fortunately the information highway (internet) can help simplify this process but you'll need a proven process to do it. Is at this point that SBI! can help you in the process to convert your knowledge into business.

Read this page that explains you how to turn your knowledge into business.

But, how exactly info entrepreneurs earn money?

Well if we're in the information age and your knowledge is what people wants, your knowledge has become the product right? This has originated the electronic-goods, (e-goods) and they are sold as any product but with more advantages than hard products.

Let's review these comments from real info entrepreneurs:

"There was no way that I could have built a financially profitable business with my magazine, on its own. But thanks to all the options and resources from SBI!, and to lots of out-of-the-box thinking, I found that it is possible to build a business that combines multiple streams of income from a variety of ancillary products and services (e-courses, teleworkshops, eBooks, lectures, an online marketplace, etc.) that are making a difference in the lives of my audience."

~ Marney Makridakis
Artella Words And Art

You can read and learn from her experience here.

When we said: any knowledge as long as people wants to know about it, we weren't kidding. These info entrepreneurs have turned their knowledge of kid's parties into a business and avoided their country's economic difficulties:

"Tamar and I did lots and lots of research on kid birthday parties and started experimenting with our ideas on kids and during parties whenever the opportunity arose. We wrote up lots of content for the site and I was in charge of strategy and building the site from a technical aspect (although, with Site Build It!, you really don't need any technical knowledge because you can build a site through simple building blocks and monitor every aspect of traffic through a consolidated control center.). In no time, both of us became kid birthday junkies.

My goal was to build an online business that would generate an income equal (or greater, of course) to the salary I was earning. And also wouldn't be dependant on any country's economy (as my country's economy is in shambles...)."

~ Elad Shippony

You can read and learn from their experience here.

E-goods aren't the only way how info entrepreneurs make money because there are many other income streams like advertising, Google Adsense, finder's fees, etc. etc. The following guide covers these topics too.

A great tool for aspiring info entrepreneurs

toolMake Your Knowledge SellConsidering info entrepreneurs play a very important role nowadays, SiteSell (the company behind SBI!) has developed a complete guide to help you to turn your knowledge into a real and well planned business: Make Your Knowledge Sell!

Instructions for download

To access this tool we encourage you to be part of our community by subscribing to our Financial magazine: Planning a Better Future for free. With your subscription we'll send you the password to access resources and tools on the site. For more details about the additional benefits that you get with your subscription click here.

If you are already a member of our community, you can download this free e-book by by going to www.ziddu.com/download/4433879/MYKS.rar.html.

Feel free to share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

Take advantage of this tool!, download it, learn it and please apply what you're going to learn because only with action steps (not with ideas) you'll going to improve your personal finances and reach your goals and dreams.

Wrap Up

As you can see info entrepreneurs can build real businesses, all you need is a good process to convert your knowledge into money.

Now let's back to the main page of this section to learn more about how to make extra money as a first step to improve your personal finances. Just use the links below:

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