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Any internet serious business needs a team but you can simplify many steps...

As in any successful business, an internet serious business will need a team too. Although, thanks to the internet many steps can be simplified and businesses can be created in many ways...

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If you already have the time and resources to create a business, that is a huge advantage. But for the majority changing from employees to business creators and latter owners is not an easy or quick process.

Why? because there are bills and debts to pay and because you and your family have to eat daily. That leads you to need money. To get money you need a job and the job limits your disposable time for your family and of course to start a business. To make things worse you save nothing. A very complicated cycle indeed. Robert Kiyosaki rigthly calls it the rat race.

How many people will you need in your business team?

That will depend on how complex is your business system (this is just the combination of activities that makes the business work). Let's start with the system of a manufacturing business because it represents very well many business models including an internet serious business (of course this is far more simpler):

business system

Each section of this business system has to be managed by a specialist, therefore ask yourself: which part can I manage personally considering my time, skills and available resources? Who is going to do the rest? Who is going to coordinate them?

Tough questions, right? But don't worry if you can't answer them right now. In fact, in the venture capital industry there're very few companies that have complete teams at the time when they approach venture capitalists.

Let's face it, you are not in the best position because you have limited time, you need help from people with different skills and you don't have money. But...

Don't lose your hopes, instead simplify...

Have you ever heard about the difference between what you need and what you want? That applies here too.

If you have followed our first financial planning sections, you might probably have started your financial planning and established your financial goals. Therefore, you already know approximately how much money you'll need to reach them right? Good.

Now ask yourself honestly: Considering my time and available resources what kind of business can I start and manage effectively?

The point is that you have to think if you really want and will manage effectively a business with a big and complex system right from the start.

Obviously you can invest time and money planning a big business but, what is the point if you established that to reach your goals and dreams you'll just need an extra income of $1000 a month? That's why is important to set personal goals first before to think in businesses.

Therefore, why not simplify things and start a small but internet serious business right now? On the internet you can ease a lot of the work if you work with the appropriate tools.

Additionally, by starting a small business:

  • You will learn from your mistakes but without risking too much.
  • You'll create a better background and gain experience by the time you begin to seek investors to finance a bigger company.

Don't forget that many big and successful businesses started very small. Think about Google that was created in a garage or Dell that was created in a college's dormitory. Ok again...

You can ease the process and create an internet serious business

You might be thinking: Then if I'm going to start a business using the internet I won't need a team? Of course you need it! Any internet serious business needs a team. The simplification is that you won't have to convince nobody, hire personal or cover human resources costs. Instead you can work with a virtual (and cheap) team.

For instance, SBI! puts at your disposition a pretty complete team to create an internet serious business:

  • If you are going to plan and create your business by yourself, you'll count with a complete Action Guide to take every step carefully. Also if you get stuck you can post your questions in a dynamic forum by, about and for entrepreneurs. Actually, you can visit and read the forums invited as our guest. Just visit the forum and use financialplanninginfoguide.com as your user and password. Additionally you count with the Technical support from SiteSell.
  • If you think that you need personalized assistance while you're creating your business, an elearning course is available. In this course real entrepreneurs will guide your progress. You can find a complete explanation here.
  • SBI! has a coaching team that can help you with specific tasks, whether showing you how to do it (show me coaching) or doing it for you (Do It For Me DIFM Coaching).
  • Now if you really want to create an online business or boost a business that you have already but you don't have time to do it, SiteSell has created a service where real entrepreneurs build for you a website that works and earns money. You can find a complete explanation here.

This is how internet can simplify many processes while you're creating a business. In this article we saw how you can have an internet serious business team. Of course you'll need another support services like accountancy and taxes too.

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