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This Personal Finance Blog is dedicated to keep you updated about the new content added to the site as well as any other information that might interest you about financial planning.

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Este Blog de Finanzas Personales está dedicado a mantenerte actualizado sobre el contenido que se añade al sitio así como otra información de interés sobre planificación financiera.

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Factors That a Lender Consider When Evaluating Your Mortgage

Top 5 factors considered by mortgage service providers while evaluating the loan are as follows: 1. Liabilities Borrowers who have more liabilities and

Continue reading "Factors That a Lender Consider When Evaluating Your Mortgage"

Wealth ERP

I am strongly suggesting Wealth ERP Software. It's a Financial planning and Wealth Management Software from Ampsys Consulting Pvt Ltd.It very suitable

Continue reading "Wealth ERP "

3 Non-Standard Ways to Edge You Closer to Financial Freedom

1. Pay your bills as soon as they arrive. I know you have always been told to pay your bills on the day they are due or as close to the due date as

Continue reading "3 Non-Standard Ways to Edge You Closer to Financial Freedom"

5 Things You should Do before Declaring Bankruptcy

Are you already annoyed by those persistent debt collectors? Do you feel like you have reached a dead end as far as your personal finances are concerned?

Continue reading "5 Things You should Do before Declaring Bankruptcy"

Factors you should take into consideration for life insurance planning

Life insurance is a big investment that you make in your life to protect yourself and also your near and dear ones. Now, there are certain factors that

Continue reading "Factors you should take into consideration for life insurance planning"

How can I find out about junior ISA's

It’s not always easy teaching children about the value of money and the benefits to be enjoyed by saving, but luckily there are products out there that

Continue reading "How can I find out about junior ISA's "

Entrepreneurship – the Failure Myth

Entrepreneurship – the Failure Myth A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful, than a life spent doing nothing. ---George

Continue reading "Entrepreneurship – the Failure Myth"

Personal finance company

A worldwide guide to find a personal finance company and/or a certified planner near you to help plan your financial future.

Continue reading "Personal finance company"

Compañía de finanzas personales

Una guía mundial para encontrar una compañía de finanzas personales cercana y/o un asesor certificado que te ayuden con tu futuro financiero

Continue reading "Compañía de finanzas personales"

Financial planning pyramid

The financial planning pyramid is a tool to guide you in starting your financial planning

Continue reading "Financial planning pyramid"


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