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Personal Finance Help
To know when and who to ask for help -- an important and intelligent step...

Even so, it's possible that asking or seeking personal finance help could be somewhat complicated considering what is available today and the amount of half-truths and misleading information can be confusing. To deal with this we have put together practical guides which will simplify your search.

Up to now you've received a basic training in personal finance and you know the most important elements of financial planning.  If you missed this, or wish to review it, just click here.

With these basic ideas and the following guide, you can make better choices when you are looking for personal finance help.  Why?  Simply because you now know the area and have a general idea of what you need.

The best part is you won't have to pay your advisor extra to explain to you what financial planning is.

The following guides will be of great help when you decide to seek and evaluate the different kinds of financial planning help which is available:

First we'll see the different personal finance experts which could help you, those with financial planning fees and the pros and cons of the fee only financial planning.

Later, you'll discover how to choose a financial planning advisor with a practical guide of the considerations which you should take into account in order to get the most benefit from this aid. This guide is divided into the following parts:

After you have a solid base of how to judge the quality of the personal finance help which you are offered and if you decide that this is the best route for you, we will provide the resources to help you contact some personal finance companies, and/or certified financial planners.

In addition, if you're interested in personally attending a personal finance workshop or a similar event, you can keep up to date in news which we publish here or in our newsletter: Planning a Better Future.

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