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What personal finance lessons have you learned so far?
Share them and find out if they are the best for you!

We constantly learn good and bad personal finance lessons, from the example of our parents, with the choices we make and even with the experiences of friends and neighbors. But...

  • How to know if what you've learned and practice is good or bad?
  • Is there a better way to accomplish what you're looking for?

Well you won't know if you don't talk about it. The good news is that you can do it here!

That's right! It's YOUR TURN to talk and find out if the personal finance lessons you learned so far are the best for you and your family. Simple and in two steps:

Step 1 - Tell us your history.


  • You think what you're doing is the best and want to confirm or simply share it with others,
  • Have doubts and want a new point of view,
  • Or you have no idea what you're doing and need guidance ...

Tell us your story, what you're doing, raise your questions or emphasize the lesson that you want to share.

Do you want to publish an article? You can do it too!

Simple, painless and confidential! You don't even need to include your name unless you want to receive public recognition and appreciation for your contribution. Click here to tell your story.

Only for personal finances passionates...

Do you have any knowledge about personal finances (whether academic or learned by experience) that you'd like to share, articles you want to publish and opinions to express?...Yes?

Great! Then click here to request information about how you can have an exclusive page on our site and share your knowledge with thousands of people.

Next step...

Step 2 - Receive comments and feedback

Once you submit your story we'll review and publish it in our site to let you get comments and feedback from our community. In fact, we'll be the first to give you our point of view.

Ready to make the first move? Tell us...

What personal finance lessons have you learned so far?

Personal finance range from simple topics like: savings and pay your debts on time to more complex issues like life insurance and borrow money to buy your house.

Remember: the worst question is the one that never has been asked and the most useless lesson is the one that never has been taught.

So, share your story...

What Other Visitors Have Shared And Asked?

Click on any link to see the lessons, questions and comments of other people.

If you want to you can comment and even rate them if you agree or not with these points of view...

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Click here to write your own.

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