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Personal finance workshop
The place to clear up those doubts about your future

A Personal finance workshop isn't only for those who have a plan or have made the decision to make one, but also for people who, like you, are still considering the options available to have a better future.

All over the world there are organized events called: financial planning seminars, or personal finance workshops. However, it is important to distinguish between those seminars which are just a sales pitch, and those which can provide you with some real assistance.

For this, we have collected some information about financial planning seminars which have the main objective of resolving the doubts which attendees have.

Financial Planning Clinic

This is an event offered by the CFP Board in different locations throughout the United States during the year.  The last one was in Miami, in November, 2008.

As the brochure for this financial planning seminar mentioned, you could personally meet dozens of Certified Financial Planners without cost or obligation and ask about the questions, concerns and interests which you have.

In the clinic, each CFP volunteer is available in booths for each specific specialty.

The advantage of this event is that there are no conditions in that you are not obligated to provide your contact information and no one will try to contact you after the workshop.  The volunteers are not permitted to hand out business card, sell services or distribute promotional materials.

So far no new workshops have been announced for 2009, but don't worry; they have been running continually since 2006.  If you want to keep informed on the next workshops to be offered subscribe to our newsletter, Planning a Better Future in which we'll be keeping you up to date on all these kind of events when they are offered in different parts around the globe.

Financial Planning Webcasts New!

In the May issue of Planning a Better Future, we have informed our subscribers that the CFP Board has organized informational sessions conducted by Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) in Spanish and English. If you want to watch these webcasts, please, check the back issues of Planning a Better Future in this page. Don't forget to subscribe to our ezine to stay updated!

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