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What a small business hosting solution will and won't do for your business...

This is easy, a small business hosting solution is just this: hosting. You'll need more than a host to create a business. Let's watch this short video were Ken Evoy, the entrepreneur behind SiteSell and SBI!, explains (among other things) why you'll need more than a host:

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Did you notice the part when Ken says that you usually go to a typical web host and they give you a space on a computer, a site builder and a good luck? Well, that is exactly what happens when you're just looking for a small business hosting solution.

What your hosting solution won't do for your business

As we repeatedly said in this section of the site: a business is a more complex concept than a product or a hosting solution. Is a system. Therefore, your hosting solution won't:

  • Give any idea about how good or bad is your product or service.
  • Let analyze the demand and competition of your business.
  • Help you to develop a marketing plan.
  • Give you the tools you'll need to build relationships with your clients (unless you pay extra charges for them of course)
  • Guide your steps at all.
  • Etc.

I found helpful this additional explanation about this topic: "Web hosting is more than just bandwidth". But what I definitively found clarifying was to compare the features and dollar costs of SBI!, Yahoo! and 1&1.

Read these guides and you'll see why a small business hosting solution isn't enough and why Ken said that SBI! is an all inclusive solution.

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