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Are you starting a small internet business?
If so, do you have a realization schedule?

If you're starting a small internet business probably you're wondering where you can start your journey. There's a lot of tasks even for a small business so you have to plan which tasks are critical, who is going to be in charge of what, etc. Let's see how you could get organized...

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To plan effectively your tasks you should:

1. Group individual tasks in groups. Starting a small internet business probably won't need more than twelve groups but this is just a suggestion; all depends on your business.

Each task is expressed as a simple step with a specific target, a due date and a measure of achievement.

2. Get advice from experts. There will always tasks where you don't have experience or know how to plan it (i.e. incorporation, legalities, etc. Starting a small internet business implies this too!) If this is your situation there's no other way than get advice from experts.

3. Follow the critical path. This means that you should first pay attention to those task or groups that can delay the entire business project.

4. Reduce risks. If you already know which risks affects your business you should plan tasks to mitigate that risk as earlier as possible.

Planning a realistic realization schedule is very important if you're starting a small internet business as well as if you're planning a bigger business. Here's why:

  • If you plan correctly your tasks and consider the possible scenarios your business can face (with corrective measures of course) you're building a very good imagine in front of possible investors or partners.
  • Your business has better odds to succeed.

Starting a small internet business in 10 stages

SBI! has developed a schedule of 10 days to start a small internet business (figuratively speaking of course). One day of this schedule can take you effectively a day, a week or months. You proceed at your own pace.

All depends on you and the time you have available for your business but definitively every step is doable. The 10 steps or stages mentioned follow the four points mentioned above.

If you want a more comprehensive explanation of how to start your business in this 10 days, please watch the Action Guide's video named: The 10-DAY BIG PICTURE.

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