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Ways to invest money
The importance to understand them

Gone are the days when the ways to invest money were limited to savings accounts, time deposits and shares. The need for higher yields in less time led to the creation of financial derivatives such as futures, options, swaps, etc. All of them very attractive but at the end of the day with a high risk involved. That's because the control decreases.

What does this mean for you?

Just that whatever forms of investing you use, the less control you have the greater the risk you run. And do not think that this issue does not affect you; because it happened to the most important financial institutions in the world generating the recession that began in 2008 and affecting countries, their economies and jobs of people. Therefore, it affects you at least indirectly.

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The solution?

Simply understand the instruments you use to invest and the better way to do this is talking about it and clarifying your doubts.

This page gives you the space to do so. So...

What ways to invest money do you know and use?

Let's talk about what you know and what you always had doubts!

To start include the name of the instrument (savings account, term deposits, investment funds, real estate, etc.) on which you will make a comment or a question.

Then simply tell us about your experience or any questions you have:

- Tell us why you use them.
- What do you like?
- What do you dislike?
- Would you recommend it? Why?

Go ahead!

What Other Visitors Have Said?

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If you want to, you can comment and even rate them whether you agree or not with these points of view...

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